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Finding Just the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Many stores are now implementing a marketing strategy of buy one get one free items. The intent is to attract people who like to stock up on products that they normally use. Buying one and getting the same one free is definitely discounted. That approach only works, however, if you have inventory on hand that you would like to get rid of and you have already made your profit from prior sales of the product. Another catch to the buying incentive is to monitor whether the sales of the product actually increases with the free offer.

As in all attempts to create a successful marketing strategy, the final evaluation of the program can only be gauged in how successful it was to increase sales because of the program, not just in light of the product itself. If you sold 200 beach blankets one week without the free offer and sold 200 beach blankets the second week with the free offer, your program was not actually effective and you could have stored your extra inventory for another season. You might say that your program worked and that the 200 sold beach blankets the second week might have been from repeat customers as well as new ones.

The bottom line is that your program did not attract enough new customers to make up for your loss of 200 free beach blankets. Incentives to buy, to sign up, or to join need to have an angle that appeals to the audience that you are aiming at, but also to possible clients who may not even be aware of your product or services or that they can use them. There is a vast army of people who keep to themselves and who do not venture into untried territory, but who can be lured with the right bait.

If you are out to sell or to attract customers, you might think that staying with those customers that have been a part of your past sales is all that you need to do. But, if the purpose of your new plan is to grow, you need to look at people whose demographics might never have interested you as possible customers. A marketing strategy for success has to be wide in its scope and evaluated for effectiveness. Targeting new customers deliberately and tracking your success in sales or membership will help your business to grow. This, of course, is your ultimate goal.

Get Started Earning Money From Home Now

Working from home is ideal for many people, even if you don’t wish to run your own business. There are companies that employ workers to complete tasks on their computer; therefore your location isn’t a big deal. Below are some of the best home jobs you can find on the internet.


Answering the phone for large corporations is one of the best home jobs you can have. Most positions do not require much skill or experience, and you can do the job by having a telephone and computer. Most companies work with you in setting the hours you would like to work, and jobs are paid hourly, with many starting about between $8-$12 an hour. In some cases, pay raises are given based on your performance.

Website Design

If you have the talent and ability to create websites, you can earn some serious money on the internet. Some online marketers do not want to pay big bucks for a nice design, so it may be best to market these services offline as well. You can set your own rates and target local companies. Depending on your area, your services may be in hot demand if you have no real competition going against you. You can also create and sell WordPress and other styles of themes for people to purchase as needed.

Forum/Chat Moderators

Many forums and chat rooms on the internet have moderators who make sure people are not abusing the site. These people are usually paid to work from home doing their job. Your duties would typically include logging on during your set hours and checking for spam, derogatory comments, and anyone using the system in a negative way.

The above best home jobs are just a few of the many available on the internet. It is important that you research any opportunity before applying, to be sure that you are working with a legitimate company.

Affiliate Marketing – What You Need to Get Started Earning Money

Getting started in affiliate marketing isn’t difficult, which is probably why so many internet marketers begin creating their online incomes in this way. Promoting other people’s products eliminates the need for you to create your own product or deal with customers. Below are a few things you should have in order to make your campaigns more successful.

Affiliate Accounts – Signing up with Clickbank, Amazon, and Commission Junction will give you access to thousands of digital and physical products to promote. If you wish to promote a particular product that cannot be found through these marketplaces, do a Google search for the product name + affiliate program. Many companies have an in-house program that works similar to the sites listed here, though they sometimes pay better since there is no middleman.

A Blog – You need a place to add your affiliate links, and a blog is typically the most effective landing page you can have. Providing good content will develop trust between you and your visitors, making them feel good about purchasing the items you are linking to. Not only will your blog help pre-sell the visitor, but updating it regularly will give the search engines fresh content, which is something they love.

Content – You can’t have a blog or website with content. Make sure it is unique content that is readable and understandable to the average internet user. Writing your content at about a sixth grade reading level is ideal. Avoid using PLR articles, as your site will not receive a very good ranking in the search engines with rehashed, unoriginal content.

A Plan – Though the above three are the only real things you need for affiliate marketing, it never hurts to have a plan. Set a schedule on how you plan to get tasks done, and follow through with it. Be sure to include creating the site, creating and adding content, and you methods of gaining traffic. Having a well thought out strategy for doing any business online will make you more successful. Affiliate marketing is a great stepping stone for making money, so long as you grow your business by outsourcing and creating your own products once you get your feet wet.

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