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Starting Up a New Home Business – Recipe for Self-Motivation

It really takes a certain character or personality to be able to first of all ‘go out on a limb’ and take the risk of starting a new business. Then it also takes some special skills to be capable of working day in and day out with no pay and seeing no results (yet). Many a person has just assumed they had failed and quit while they were ‘ahead’.

Of course we know that 95% fail at starting their own Internet business – but that is only because they quit before they gave it a fair chance. Really their motivation was only to see something instantly that required little or no effort on their part. From the very start, when they join a program they would sooner go their own way than to take advice or take advantage of training even though free. Part of this is ‘human nature’ and we really wanted to shake off the ‘chains’ of having worked for someone else, although this is a long way from accepting advice and training so that we might know the best way to go.

Unfortunately if we don’t have the right attitude or ‘what it takes’, our path will take us quickly downhill to the point of giving up – again without even giving it a fair chance. There are ways that we can train our minds so that we will stick to our goals even in the face of seeing absolutely nothing to show for our effort. It could be called faith, but since that term represents something that is also unseen, it may not resonate with everyone. Maybe just to say that it may work if we can believe in ourselves and remain determined – even to fight to get what we want. Maybe confidence or self-esteem are words that we can relate to and understand – and that is what we will need to actively cultivate.

Whenever we feel doubtful or like we are a failure or that we don’t know how to do something, instead of accepting that, take some action to reverse the feeling. Tell yourself to hear the negative voice, accept it and then refuse to listen to it anymore. Put it away somewhere but just refuse to entertain it. In its place, think of pleasant things and successes you have had. Make a list. What are the things you feel you are good at? What are the things you enjoy? What are the things you just love? Whenever you hear the voice of doom just replace it with good, positive thinking. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in negativity – get up and do something – even if it is not business-related – go for a walk, a run, to the gym, to the beach – get some fresh air and then come back, sit down and start over again. Fight for what you want.

One reason people quit is that they feel they have limited funds, and most people do. So then the first thing to keep in mind is not to over-extend ourselves financially so we don’t become stressed or apprehensive. There is just no reason to quit for that reason with all of the free resources and information available to everyone on the Internet. It’s a matter of priorities as far as having a little money to start up and operate an online business. Unless we are really in dire straits we can always come up with $5 or $10 or even $1 to sock away to save for our business if that is our top priority. It is only a matter of determining that which is most important to us. ‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too’.

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