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Home Business Strategy – Always Exercise Logic

No matter how good something sounds, you have to ask yourself if it is believable. It is not only about the speaker or writer and whether or not you find them believable, (trust them, respect them, etc.), but really more so about your interpretation of what they are saying (does it seem realistic?). In this regard, always remember to keep this little saying in mind: ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’.

think logically

Just like ‘it is not what you say but how you say it’, it is really all about how you interpret and process information. Your logical mind tells you that people only earn money by doing honest work, but your denial tells you there is some magical process on the Internet that creates ‘wealth without work’. So that is why when people read something that may be interpreted in a few different ways, they will always opt for the one where they don’t need to do anything. Their sponsor, the program, or magic will do it for them.

Let’s look at an example. You read that Joe Rich will set you up in business and you can start making money in 24-hours, and all you do is pay a small one-time or monthly fee. Joe is not lying. You can START in 24-hours (as soon as he gets your account ready, etc.). Will you read that you will be making money in 24-hours?

If you think about that logically, you might ask yourself why, if that is really all there is to it, everybody is not making money on the Internet. Why are people still working at jobs when they can just sign up and start creating wealth while sipping umbrella drinks at the beach?

More than likely before you see a dime, you will need to start by learning what to do and how to promote your business — and then actually START doing it. Realistically you will need to KEEP doing it on a consistent basis (just like a job) in order to start driving traffic to your site. At that point some of the traffic may convert to sales. Whether or not it does you need to keep it up indefinitely.

It may actually be POSSIBLE to make money in 24-hours but that would be IF you had experience, and IF you had a list of existing customers or prospects that are already familiar with you (not random). This is not the same as buying a list of leads (random). Don’t worry about this going forward because you will begin to build and develop relationships. Those very same random people will not be random in just a few emails or interactions on a forum or social network.

This is not to discourage you from starting a home business – it is actually quite the contrary, and is to help prevent you from becoming discouraged when you realize you are not seeing any money after a couple days or weeks. Know that it is because this is only logical and that it is due to the fact that you have not done sufficient W-O-R-K to make it happen YET. Contrary to popular belief it is not to say Joe Rich is lying and just wants to steal your money, or that product, service or program is lousy or saturated.

A Home Based Business May be Just the Job you are Looking For

According to statistics, home based businesses generate several billion dollars every year. There are quite a few self-made millionaires in the home business industry and that may be because their creativity is not stifled by a ‘corporate’ job description. While it may be paramount that jobs include the performance of specific duties necessary for the company, they are mostly limiting unless the person is in upper-management and has both the ‘power’ and the inclination to exceed whatever the norm.


The Internet is also continuing to grow quickly and expanding to more and more geographical areas as the number of websites increases exponentially every year. It is a shame that somehow these facts and possibilities do not seem to be clear to the many unemployed or disenfranchised citizens who do not exercise the option to start their own business from home. It is definitely an option that if you can’t find a job you can create one of your own!

Although the economy and the unemployment rate seem to be recovering at long last, there is little to indicate that salaries and hourly wages that have trailed farther and farther behind the cost of living increases will suddenly increase. The fact remains that people with families often need more than one income just to keep up, let alone get ahead. However getting ahead may still be possible if you start a home based business in your ‘spare time’.

Even before people began losing jobs, the vast majority were stressed out and unhappy that they were not able to spend time with their families as more and more were working extra hours or even second jobs. This makes everything seem worse than just being short on funding. At least working from home you are there with your loved ones and may even be able to spend some time with them between Job A and Job B. Home based businesses can help with so many problems because you can take control of your situation and do your work around your life, rather than fashioning your life around your work.

With all that said, home based businesses are often represented as being on ‘easy street’ – the way to wealth without work. It’s so not true. In fact in the beginning you may be working without pay until you get organized and get things set up. Maybe someday it will be easy street but not right off the bat.

Naturally if you have already lost your job you have full-time to devote to your business start-up. It is probably even a good idea if this is the case, to spend some of your time finding at least a part-time job, so that you don’t need to worry about survival while you are developing your business.

If you still have a job, it will take a while longer if you are just working at your home business part-time. If you want to change your life, be happier and closer to your family, or if you just need more income, consider the possibilities presented by home based businesses.

Your Home Business – Work Smarter

It is a real good idea to become an affiliate of the programs that you use for advertising and marketing. No matter what your main business might be, it is always wise to add multiple streams of income. Selling the programs you are using is a natural. It is direct and not only financially but psychologically you will like the idea of paying for your own services straight from the commissions.

work smarter not harder

If you devote some time and energy to promoting these services to your downline in your main programs, then it is doubly good as there is your ready-made market. It is all a neatly tied package that ends up with less money seemingly going out of your pocket to run your business. Further it is a natural to sell services or products to people who you know need them for their business. It is always good to make natural connections as things flow more gracefully.

Building relationships is important and helping people is a wonderful thing. If you can offer advice and information to your prospects and customers that will assist them in building their own businesses, it can be ‘clear sailing’ for you down the line. You can speak with confidence about the services as you have actually used them yourself, know how they work and recommend them. There is nothing forced or artificial about what you are saying.

Hopefully you can be the type of sponsor who guides and coaches your customers both before and after the primary sale; and again it is very natural for you to advise them on what you know will help them to achieve their goals. There is nothing that speaks louder than direct experience. However if you are also new to the business, it may take you a while to reach a place where you can actually say you have seen the results.

This is okay and there are always ways you can be perfectly honest about this if you use actual reviews and information from the site, quoting people, studies or research and actual statistics. You could actually say that you are using the product or service yourself and detail the reasons that compelled you to try it, without saying you know for sure it works from first-hand experience.

Again, if you are building a relationship of trust they will appreciate the advice of a friend, and may be willing to take a chance because you are and they respect you. In any case people always appreciate well-meaning advice and just the fact that you would take the time to try to help them along the way. Certainly they are more likely to follow your recommendations than a total stranger that sends them an offer out of nowhere.

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