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Ways of Making Money Online


If you are thinking about making money online, there are a few ways to do it. Making money by using your computer is easy to do if you just find the right online business. There are many businesses that people do online every day.

One online business is signing up to become a freelance writer. If you want to become a freelance writer there are many writing companies online that will hire you to work for them writing articles. This opportunity can grow into making the money that you need online.

Online auctions are another way of making money online. This is a fun and entertaining way of making money by signing up through one of the many online auction websites to sell your products or services. You then list your items up for auction and at the end of your auction, the highest bidder wins. You will then send out an invoice for the total amount due with shipping and when you receive the payment, you ship their item to them.

Another making money online idea is to start your own business website and start advertising and selling your merchandise. This will take a lot of advertising to make your business grow but it can earn you a lot of money.

Ways of Making Money Online


Work Around the Clock!

Work Around the Clock!

Working in waves, working at home can be done either part or full time. There is much work to be done, usually, and that is a blessing both from a financial standpoint as well as a psychological one. Work makes us feel accomplished or gratified, particularly if we enjoy it.

They say ‘some people live to work and some work to live’. Live to work means that their work is very important to them and they would almost rather be working than doing anything else. Work to live means work is just a means to an end – you have to do what you have to do and you may as well try to smile because love it or hate it there is no other way to live except to work.

We all have many jobs. Most women and men have work beyond their main (day) jobs as well, e.g., housework, cooking and other maintenance. If they are blessed they also have a partner and a family, where nurturing relationships also requires their time.
If you are working at home part-time in conjunction with a day job, you can figure you need 10-hours for your day job, including travel and then 8-hours of sleep so now we have 18-hours down and a mere 6-hours to go in our day for everything else. This time can be divided for meals, spending time with mates and family, grooming, laundry, shopping, etc.

So let’s see you may only have a few hours a day that you could devote to your second business. Really a tough road to ride but way simpler than getting a second job where you have even more unpaid travel time! If you are consistent, even with just the small amount of time you have, you will eventually see results. Especially once you learn exactly what you need to do and how to do it, then you can set things up so that many things can run automatically or with just a small effort.

Good thing there are 24-hours in a day. When you look at work in terms of a 24-hour clock there is so much more capacity than the typical 8-hour job where you pack it all in; If you didn’t get everything done in that time, then you either have to stay late with or without additional pay, or it may be possible to just postpone it a day or so, although this is not such a great idea actually.

It will really take some self-sacrifice and real discipline to have both a day job and a business, again though once you get it going it shouldn’t be too bad. The key is really in being focused and getting it all done. It is also important that we take time to relax – it is not slacking if you do your work first and then kick back. Nobody should stay wound up working around the clock without taking a breather. It’s just not healthy and will take its toll, so consider relaxing as one more task that is necessary.

Work Around the Clock!


Working At Home Online – Concepts & Strategies

Working At Home Online – Concepts and Strategies

Right off the bat we should examine our feelings and perceptions about ‘w-o-r-k’ itself. It is important that we understand the attitude of the two kinds of workers. One sees work as only a means to an end = money. Others see it as something they enjoy doing while they get to the object = money. Obviously it is not necessary to enjoy working to make money, but it sure does help to feel happy and gratified with the work we do and consequently we may be motivated to ‘go the extra mile’. It is that mile that sometimes makes the difference between success and failure.

If we close our mind then we never grow – in the negative scenario – we have decided we are bored with and do not particularly like working. However we enjoy eating and having shelter, so we do whatever we have to do – we go through the motions. This really sounds like drudgery and like a hamster caught in a wheel (a rut). It is no wonder with this attitude that we do only as much as is required. We do not feel particularly good about ourselves and maybe figure if we had more on the ball (upstairs) we wouldn’t have to demean ourselves doing something we don’t like.

Conversely if we try to enjoy our work, we are more than willing to explore new possibilities to make things more efficient and to deliver a better product, whatever it is. If we keep an open-mind and really if we don’t like what we are doing, then maybe we can at least learn to respect it, as the truth is it is what is supporting our survival. It’s critical. There are many things we can do to motivate ourselves when we need a little push. It can be something directly related to your work like doing a little research on the industry and keeping up with the state of the art. Even something mundane like statistics can give us a little buzz. There is life beyond the cubicle!

What if you challenge yourself to do more than usual and/or in a faster time? What if you actually stop to analyze your steps in a process to see where you can make some time by omitting a step? When it comes to working for yourself online at home you may do some research and discover that contrary to your previous belief, there are services which are affordable that can help you to do something or even completely do it for you. No problem, learn to delegate anytime you can afford to do it.

There is a pervasive situation online with people starting up home businesses and then scrapping the whole idea in under 3-months. The reasons vary but are almost always one of these: They can’t afford it, they don’t have time, and/or they don’t understand what to do. In every one of these excuses there are ways they could make it work if they were really motivated to succeed – in more ways than just the desire to have more money. If they could see success as doing something they love, striving to do it really well, and as a result being rewarded with money, then they are really thriving!


Working At Home Online – Concepts & Strategies


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