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There Is Always Something New and Exciting!

That may be true for the world in general, particularly with ‘tech’ – every day a new phone, or something is faster. I am still waiting for a PC that delivers donuts and coffee but they seem to be lagging on that. Anyway, it’s part of what makes life exciting and makes each generation of kids more and more intelligent.

new ideas

One industry that is usually always exciting, and that seems to get a lot of new things continuously, is Internet Marketing, in particular Affiliate Marketing. There are always new programs and it is when they are new that they seem to really attract a lot of new business. They seem to come including more and more functionality every time.

Let’s face it the more things something includes the easier it is going to be to use it. In the distant past there were always the various parts that one needed to run a business, but figuring out how to make them work together was always a big challenge that probably discouraged many. In fact for that matter even with software it was a big nightmare with the various proprietary programs and how they work great but don’t work together with the other programs you already have or you may add in the future.

In a way Microsoft kind of helped with that a lot since they seemed to do everything, and had all the pieces put together; but then again they were one of the chief programs that made compatibility with other programs difficult if not impossible. It seems to have ironed out a lot in this regard somehow. In any case it is always very helpful if things work together. Most marketers are not that interested in the technical aspects and just want to do advertising, marketing and deposit the money!

As they say ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ and maybe that is why so many new things are being added to make Internet marketing easier and more fun. I suspect that many people that may have started out to build marketing businesses ended up giving up because there were too many technical details. I also suspect to this day many drop out because it may still seem more involved than it really has to be.

So the smart Internet marketing program, just as in the latter software generations, will do many things for you and they are just automatically included. You don’t even need to think about it!

Lost Your Job? Can’t Find a New One?

For whatever reasons, sometimes the economy, sometimes just because you can’t find the job that fits your skill set, it is really difficult to find a new job. You may have already been bitten by the little bug that is telling you to start your own online business.

job or own business?

It takes time to develop something so in the meantime you should be going on interviews and carrying on as you would normally to find either part-time or full-time work. However that little voice may start making you feel really picky and you may not realize you really don’t want another job and you are going through the motions out of financial necessity.

It is very critical of course that you be able to support yourself right now and in the future so that should be your first consideration. However, if you really feel that little bug then you need to listen to him and start doing a little research and etc. to see what you could get going online. It is pretty clever to say that you couldn’t find a job so you made one for yourself!

The best thing about it is you can start it one way – the quickest, easiest, most inexpensive way – (affiliate marketing) and then as time goes on develop something that is more closely aligned to your interests and skills. You can even jump ahead in your imagination to the day when your part-time online career is making enough steady money that you can consider quitting the day job you got and working at home full-time.

Dream on but that day may be far in the future and you should never consider doing that until you are sure you can replace your income and pay all your living expenses. This is not something you want to gamble with or speculate. Any new business or new job is speculating – you don’t know if it will work out. You need to cover yourself as well as possible in any case.

Remember that although working from home online is glorious, being self-employed, you do not have access to unemployment insurance and other insurance benefits. So that is why it may be a good idea to keep at least a part-time job for quite some time while you are building your online business. You can of course buy private health insurance and it is a lot cheaper now than it ever has been for an individual.

Whatever way it shakes out, you can make your dream happen, keep the little voice happy and take good care of yourself.

Create Your Own Affiliate Marketing Directory

It seems like many successful affiliate marketers have a kind of ‘portfolio’ of companies that they have promoted. In all likelihood they have multiple income opportunities that they are presently participating in. If they have their own membership program then they probably encourage their members to try the various opportunities they are having success with.

affiliate income  index

This would all seem very complicated and tedious after a while to keep track of it all. To whatever degree preferred they can create a website that includes everything that they have to offer in a directory format. One of the good things about affiliate marketing is that each program provides a web page that can be used to advertise it without doing anything else. It wouldn’t be that difficult to put all the links on one website.

The main beauty of this so far is that you can advertise one website with multiple opportunities. Not only does that keep you from duplicating your efforts to promote each program, but your prospects may just become attracted to additional offerings while on your site. You may therefore make additional sales from one visit.

One thing that Internet marketers seem to have in common is that they love shopping for new opportunities. They are very enthused and excited when they discover something new and are not afraid to put their resources behind it to find out if it has any substance. At the end of the day, while every program may not be the favorite, highest earning opportunity, if it has value that someone else may appreciate, then it would be a good addition to the directory.

It would be important to keep the directory website organized and easy for people to navigate. This can be accomplished by a simple site map and/or index that may list the opportunities in different ways. For example the list is indexed by company name on one list and by product or service (description) in another. This is to increase the chances that someone will find what they are looking for on either the first or subsequent visits.

This scenario also lends itself well to other kinds of related ‘one-stop-shops’ where people can find related resources all in one place. For example since we are looking to attract Internet marketers, you could create another website that has all the marketing and advertising programs you may have found and had good luck with over the years. If you become an affiliate of those programs, you could have a link from the affiliate business opportunity directory to the resource directory and vice versa.

The bottom line is making shopping convenient and keeping people on your site because there is no need for them to jump all over the place to find what they need. This will increase your chance both for sales and customer loyalty because they will appreciate the environment.

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